Azonde View: Partners stage gauges

Disclaimer: The data reported here are preliminary, have not been verified, and may be unreliable for reasons including, but not limited to, instrument malfunction, undetected disruptions or interference occurring at the measurement site, or errors in interpretation.

Channel start time at <2016/04/17 19:10:50> and end time at <2016/05/17 19:00:00> . Display time is Thu Apr 15 09:10:41 PDT 2021

LAG148 LDSR in Cotati, E.Cotati Ave. RR First Flush LCC45

Node Address: Cotati #3
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Twater(C) Water Temperature (C)
Tair(C) Air Temperature (C)
Depth(in) Water Depth
Tbrd(C) Temperature of device
Vslr(V) Solar Voltage (V)
Vrbt(V) Rechargeable battery (V)
Vscap(V) Internal (V)
VextBat(V) Battery replaceable (V)
db Internal

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